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Vistazar Arad Co . Ltd (V.A Co ) is honored of comprehensive presence in global & domestic markets as , provider of necessary facilities for produce high quality food products for industries of Dairy products and Ice – cream , Confectionary , chocolates , Cakes and Pastries , Breads and Other Bakeries , Edible Oils , Pharmaceutical , Cosmetic and Hygienic .

This group with relying on rich experience of founders and applying science of the world by our professionals in order to scientific & technical support and providing the best goods & services with emphasize on principles to applying the most effective sales Techniques meet the large market demand for raw materials in food industries .

Vistazar commercial Group. while honoring the issue of rights & customer satisfaction & counting on excellence & quality , special support and attention is paid to innovation in production activities , providing the case at participation in seminars and workshops in the factory of origin and familiarity with the world knowledge for research and development managers of manufacturers .

Vistazar is working only the exclusive representative of the most reliable international supplier , in order to meet the needs of consumers and provide the best products for customers .

We as Vistazar Group , try our best each day to improve the quality of your products , this is the path which we focus .

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